Occupational therapist in Argostoli Kefallonia.


  • In Neurodevelopmental Education - NTD / BOBATH
  • Sherborne's Developmental Movement (Sherborne Developmental Movement)
  • In the PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)
  • In Structured Education TEACCH (Treatment of Autistic and Related Communication Disabled Children
  • In the Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)
  • In the Intensive Interaction & ASD Program,
  • In "Social Stories"
  • In the treatment of dysgraphia
  • In the SOS Aproach to Feeding Method
  • (When Children Will not Eat: Picky versus Problem Feeders)
  • It is empowered to provide the A 'TEST (Test for School Preparedness)
  • In Biomechanical Enlargement and Restoration at the Lower Edge with the use of Orthotics (construction of orthotics).
  • Certified to apply the evaluation tool PR - H.


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